Comments from Speakers and Participants

Comments from some of the speakers

  • What a wonderful experience for all of us. I had many people tell me — brain scientists, anthropologists, graduate students — that they thought it was the best conference they had ever attended.
  • Excellent job! This is the rare meeting I have presented in a long time. Presentation was very professional, and polite. I would gladly participate in other FPR events.
  • Such a good conference.
  • The conference was a great success.
  • Superb conference. I enjoyed it and think I got a lot out of it.
  • It was intellectually and emotionally stimulating.
  • A terrific conference and an inspiring Giuliani evening.

And a few comments from the participant evaluation sheets collected at the end of the conference:

  • Possibly the best conference I’ve ever attended! The choice of presenters was superb.
  • The conference was, overall, a great moment to evaluate the current research and some of clinical work in the area. It was also a good chance to see some tentative integration of different fields in the PTSD research.
  • I learned so very much... Wonderful choice of speakers
  • Appreciated learning all presenters in one group.
  • It was highly interesting and poignant for nation’s current state of affairs.
  • Excellent and educational experience.
  • Excellent conference.
  • An amazing, wonderful conference. Bravo!
  • Terrific.
  • Everything is good and success.
  • Very very well done.
  • Thank you for organizing a great conference! Excellent and outstanding job!

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