Charles Lindholm, PhD

Charles Lindholm is Professor in the University Professors Program and in the Department of Anthropology. He graduated from Columbia in 1979. Prior to coming to Boston in 1990 he taught at Columbia, Barnard and Harvard, where he held a joint appointment in Anthropology and in Social Studies. His publications include Generosity and Jealousy: The Swat Pukhtun of Northern Pakistan (based on his dissertation) and a collection entitled Frontier Perspectives: Essays in Comparative Anthropology. His other books are Charisma and the recently published The Islamic Middle East An Historical Anthropology. He has also written a number of essays on topics such as romantic love in cross-cultural perspective, the social construction of emotion, the quandaries of egalitarianism, and the character of American society.

Professor Lindholm is presently working on a survey of psychological anthropology and on a study of the history of Middle Eastern ethnography; he is also continuing his long-term research on idealization and culture and on the relationship of philosophy to anthropology. He teaches courses related to his psychological and philosophical interests, as well as courses on the ethnography of Middle East and the United States.


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