The Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 1 Schedule
Friday, February 11th, 2005

The Interface of Brain and Culture in Early Life

Titles of Presentations Either Indicate Research Interests or Previously Published Work in a Relevant Area and Are Subject to Change

Opening Keynote: Overview of Biological and Cultural Perspectives on Early Life

Early Relationships: An Anthropological Perspective
Melvin Konner, MD, PhD, Emory University Confirmed

Session 1: Early Neural Development
Session Chair: Paul Plotsky, PhD, Emory University

The influence of different uterine environments on development
Darlene Francis, PhD, Emory University Confirmed

Illuminations from rodent and nonhuman primate models
Paul Plotsky, PhD, Emory University Confirmed

Session 2: Brain Plasticity and Behavior
Session Chair: Mark Barad, MD, PhD, UCLA

Experience-dependent plasticity
Takao K. Hensch, PhD, Laboratory for Neural Circuit Development, Brain Research Institute (RIKEN), Japan Confirmed

Social conflict and the acquisition and expression of conditioned defeat
Kim Huhman, PhD, Georgia State University Confirmed

Session 3: Psychological and Anthropological Perspectives on Attachment
Session Chair: Robert LeVine, PhD, Harvard University

Psychophysiological measures of attachment
Nathan Fox, PhD, University of Maryland Confirmed

Explaining caregiver-infant proximity and responsiveness in Central Africa and the US
Barry Hewlett, PhD, Washington State University Confirmed

The infantís acquisition of culture: Early attachment reexamined in anthropologic perspective
Robert LeVine, PhD, Harvard University Confirmed

Session 4: Clinical Case Presentation & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-1 (90 minutes)
A mother-infant case-study involving intergenerational violent trauma and pseudoseizures across three generations
Presented by Daniel S. Schechter, MD, Columbia University Confirmed
Moderator: Emeran Mayer, MD, UCLA

Friday Evening Keynote: To Be Named

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