The Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 2 Schedule
Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Biology, Socialization, and Enculturation in Childhood and Adolescence

Session 5: Social Experience and Social Context
Session Chair: Thomas S. Weisner, PhD, UCLA

The internalization of culture
Naomi Quinn, PhD, Duke University Confirmed

The evolution of social play
Sergio Pellis, PhD, University of Lethbridge Confirmed

Outcome correlates of parent-child bedsharing: An eighteen-year longitudinal study
Thomas S. Weisner, PhD, UCLA Confirmed and Paul Okami, PhD Confirmed

Session 6: Ethnographic Case Presentation & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-2 (90 minutes)

Inuit morality play: The emotional education of a three-year-old
Presented by Jean Briggs, PhD, The Center for Research on Culture and Human Development, Memorial University of NewfoundlandConfirmed
Moderator: Doug Hollan, PhD, UCLA

Session 7: Initiation, Child Abuse and Bullying: Culture and Biology in Relation to Fear Induction in Later Childhood
Session Chair: Jaana Juvonen, PhD, UCLA

Physiological correlates of aggression and impulsivity in free-ranging female primates
Stephen Suomi, PhD, NICHD Confirmed

Peer harassment as a personal plight and as a collective problem
Jaana Juvonen, PhD, UCLA Confirmed

Child maltreatment: The cultural context
Jill Korbin, PhD, Case Western Reserve University Confirmed

Sambian Initiation
Gilbert Herdt, PhD, San Francisco State University CONFIRMED

Session 8: Clinical Case Presentation & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-3 (90 min.)

Clinical perspectives on early development
Presented by Alicia Lieberman, PhD, UCSF Confirmed
Moderator: Robert Pynoos, MD, MPH, UCLA

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