The Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 3 Schedule
Sunday, February 13th, 2005

The Interface of Brain and Culture: Early Experiences and Their Relation to the Development of Vulnerability and Resilience in Later Life

Session 9: Clinical Implications of Early Adverse Experiences
Session Chair: Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Emory University

The effects of early stress and maltreatment on the HPA axis, the catecholamine system, and on brain maturation
Michael D. De Bellis, MD, MPH, Duke University UNCONFIRMED

Neurobiological effects of childhood abuse: Implications for the pathophysiology of depression and anxiety
Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Emory University Confirmed

Session 10: Ethnographic Case Presentation (Film) and Interdisciplinary Roundtable-4 (90 min.)
Being forced to forget, desiring to remember: Longterm outcome for 3 families post September 30th, 1965
Presenter Robert Lemelson, PhD, FPR, UCLAConfirmed
Moderator: Laurence Kirmayer, MD, McGill UniversityConfirmed

Session 11: Resiliency
Session Chair: Patricia Greenfield, PhD, UCLA UNCONFIRMED

Never leave yourself: Ethnopsychology as mediator of psychological globalization in Belizean schoolgirls
Eileen Anderson-Fye, EdD, UCLA Confirmed

Beyond stress: Bio-cultural models for the study of differential well-being
Carol Worthman, PhD, Emory University Confirmed

Cultural pathways through universal development
Patricia K. Greenfield, PhD, UCLA UNCONFIRMED

Session 12: Summary and Future Directions Allan Tobin, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Brain Research Institute, UCLA

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