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The FPR Fellowship Program is being restructured.

No Letters of Intent will be accepted for September 2009.


The Foundation for Psychocultural Research (The FPR) provides a limited number of fellowships aimed at advancing interdisciplinary research projects and scholarship at the intersection of psychology, culture, neuroscience and psychiatry, with emphasis on psychocultural factors as central, not peripheral.

These fellowships are intended to support scholars with a proven record of stellar achievements, and who will be future leaders of their interdisciplinary fields.


Applicants must have a doctoral or M.D. degree and should have interest in pursuing a career involving interdisciplinary research in psychology, culture, neuroscience and psychiatry. The research will involve substantial engagement in the current topical foci, which includes integrative research on neurobiology, culture, and mental illness.

Candidates must conduct their proposed research under primary and secondary sponsors who hold an academic appointment at UCLA. For interdisciplinary purpose, sponsors should come from different disciplines. Candidates should be eligible to hold a postdoctoral appointment at UCLA. Candidates are also required to attend interdisciplinary seminars offered by the FPR-UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development throughout their fellowship appointment at UCLA.


Fellowship stipend is $40,000 per year.

A support allowance of up to $1,500 per year, to be used at the sponsor's discretion, to help defray the fellow's research supplies or travel to scientific meetings.

The FPR does not permit deductions to cover administrative expenses from either the stipend or the institutional allowance. The fellowship may be extended for one additional year, based on the evaluation of the previous year's excellent performance. This extension is not automatic. Requests for extension should be submitted to the Foundation by February 15. Progress reports from both sponsors are required to accompany extension requests.


Annual deadline for the receipt of letter of intents is September 30. Annual deadline for the receipt of completed applications is February 15. If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted on Monday. Allow a minimum of 4 months between the deadline and the desired activation date. Fellowships must activate within one year of the deadline. Applicants are notified of the review committee's decision within 12 weeks of deadline.


Granting criteria will be based on the assessment of the novelty and integration of the proposed interdisciplinary research, applicant's strong interest in and record of high achievement in, and professional promise with respect to, interdisciplinary research in psychology, culture, neuroscience and psychiatry.

    The research should:
  • a. Involve substantial engagement in the next topical focus, which includes integrative research on neurobiology, culture, and mental illness.
  • b. Be at the intersection or integration of Culture and Neuroscience, with sponsors who have worked or shown strong interest in the related integrative approach.
  • c. Have a significant degree of novelty in their research. The research should not be repetitive of, or similar to, existing research.


Step 1: Contact Sponsors

The applicant to initiate contact and discuss their fellowship proposal plan with his or her sponsors.

Step 2: Letter of Intent

Please email to the foundationpsycul@aol.com in Microsoft Word format:
  1. A two page letter of interest describing the proposed research, including the date for which applicant is seeking the FPR fellowship;
  2. The applicant's CV
  3. The applicant's and sponsors' contact information.
  4. Brief letters from the sponsors that convey: (1) that they have discussed the applicant’s research plan or proposal for the fellowship period, and (2) their willingness to sponsor the applicant. These letters are to be sent directly to the Foundation Director.

The Foundation will notify the applicants on the result of the preliminary review, whether or not they should proceed with the complete application.

Step 3: The completed application

The completed application must include one application form and 8 copies of the following items, collated in the order specified below:

  1. Completed Application Cover Sheet and Sections One through Four, which are included in the application form.
  2. Abstract of the research in non technical English explaining the importance of the proposed research and its potential application / clinical relevance.
  3. Concise outline of the research proposal (background, significance, specific aims, materials and methods, summary) not to exceed 10 pages (inclusive of tables and figures; exclusive of references).
  4. The date for which applicant is seeking the FPR fellowship and a list of other funding sources to which applications have been or will be submitted, with due dates.
  5. Applicant's Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography.
  6. A brief description of the applicant's background and research accomplishments.
  7. A Statement of Interest (2-3 pages) describing in detail applicants' interests (i.e. general and/or specific research interests) in interdisciplinary research and/or scholarship on culture-mind-brain interactions and future goals.

Supporting Documents

  1. Letters from the sponsors at UCLA introducing the applicant and describing the sponsors' qualifications to direct the proposed research. These letters must contain assurance that the applicant's project will be conducted under the direct supervision of the sponsors, including the extent of, and targets for the applicant's work under the sponsorships. The sponsors should also emphasize the relevance, and its novelty if any, of the proposed project to culture-mind-brain interactions.
  2. Sponsors' curriculum vitae, bibliography (limit bibliography to past 5 years or to publications relevant to proposed research) and a list of sponsors' current research supports.

    Sponsors and referees should send the following items directly to the Foundation Director (see e-mail and mailing instructions).

  3. Letters of Recommendation from 2 individuals, other than the intended sponsors well acquainted with the applicant's work. These letters should address the applicant's interests, prior work and achievements, and professional promise.


Applications must be typed single-space using a 12 pt or larger font size, with 1" margins. Both hard copy and an electronic copy (in Microsoft Word Format) of the application are required. Please e-mail the electronic copy to: The Director at foundationpsycul@aol.com Applications may not be faxed. Any additional or supplemental data or other modification to an application is subject to the conditions above.


Please send completed applications and the reference letters to the attention of:
The Director
The Foundation for Psychocultural Research
PO Box 826
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Please include a self-addressed postcard if you wish to be notified that we have received your completed application.

The application will not be considered if:

Applications exceed any mentioned page limits. All 9 sets (1 original plus 8 copies) of items 1 through 7 must be collated. If not collated, the application will not be considered.

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